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Fooniferse looks at the core of human thinking and learning through the arts. What inspires us to work with the arts is to understand how it can be used as a tool to transform ourselves into intelligent, compassionate and thoughtful people. If you are looking for improving technical skills in the arts, or learning a particular form of art, you will probably not find an alignment with us. Fooniferse is a unique project in the arts that uses the aesthetic, cognitive and engineering tools that the arts provide to probe into the very nature of our consciousness, making it visible to ourselves and to those around us.  

How can we consciously re-design and re-engineer ourselves to resonate with the earth, finding both sustainability and honesty in our living? How can the arts guide us, support us, inspire us? Can we use them as our mirror, reflecting our thoughts, ideas, emotions and lives? 

Many of us live in safe bubbles, insulating ourselves from the harsh realities of the world we live in, be it cultural, economic, environmental, humanitarian, gender-based or religious. Many of us, even as we struggle don't know how to connect the dots to see what causes that undue suffering. We often try to reflect through one lens, be it religious or cultural, at other times based on our favourite leaders or books, and in that process, sometimes miss much larger and more important truths. And in this disjointed way of life, we become unable to have holistic perspectives about what happens to us and what happens around us as well.

How do we expand our thinking? How do we move beyond the limited worlds of knowledge to those of insight and action based on thoughtful reflection? And for that purpose many wonderful individuals and organizations across the world work tirelessly,  in multiple ways, disciplines and directions to open our eyes. In the spirit of this consciousness that seeks to awaken, empower and enlighten people through engaging them in deep reflection, we look at the arts as tools rather than as lens.

The core work lies within each one of us, within our individual self, 'yaan', a tamil word that reflects the inner core of the individual, beyond the superficial layers we impose on it and call as our identity. Are you ready to challenge yourself at every step to rediscover your core identity?

We have created a platform on which these conversations and reflections can find space through our body of work, our projects, and our vision for the future. We hope to find more people who enjoy and respect this viewpoint to join us and build with us. If these thoughts resonate with you, drop a note at fooniferse [at] gmail [dot] com.