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Journeys with Us

Fooniferse Workshops

I want to tell my story to the class. - child, (in sign language to her teacher)” Avvai Kaapagam(School for special children)

My children have been inspired to stage plays at home with their own creative props – Charumathy, Parent of 5 & 8 year old children

“She became highly interactive and started to mingle with everyone and there is an improvement in her English delivery. – Manonmani, Parent of 5 year old

Very applicable, experiential and transforming! Presenters very connected. – SDEA conference Participant, Singapore

The Fooniferse Just Make Art and Akatha Kahani Event

Three forms of expression seamlessly integrated with Kabir at the centre. The painting session was the cherry on the top. Good fun! - Uday, Bhargava, and Prasanna

A classic mixture of fun, art, beauty and Kabir! Thanks for this cherishable experience. The painting helped me express the emotion I experienced fluidly. - Sandhya

Fooniferse and Srivi

Srivi is a gifted artist with a deep understanding of the fields she works in – education, children and media. She is using her immense talent and skills to shift the paradigm around education and arts – to make it more democratic, inclusive and interactive. I truly believe that the vision she has set for herself and the organization/s will be of immense benefit to children in India, and across the world. - Sashwati Banerjee, Executive Director, Sesame Workshop India

Dear Srivi, thank you for agreeing to teach Shobs and her friends … you are a lovely person, very giving and grounded, and I believe you will influence her love for art very positively. We are blessed when good teachers happen in our lives … truly. - Lalitha, Parent of college student

Srivi with her capabilities and foresight will be a future leader in her endeavour, who will also be a great contributor to society for the development of creative potential in turn bringing in a good number of reflective, introspective, creative and peace-loving people. - A. V.Ilango, Artist and Director, Ilango’s Artspace

From Interns and students

Working at Fooniferse has been a phenomenal experience! I was on a quest to find a chilled out place to work, it was at this juncture that I came across Fooniferse. This fledgling company had more to offer my to thirst for knowledge, aspiration to learn new things and explore different mediums ranging - from conceptualization, research, writing to technology (especially in the art field). The designation given to me was very attractive, unique ,original and exciting. My designation being that of Dream Catcher demanded freedom of exploration and experimentation. The trust and respect placed on my work helped me to come up with innovate ideas and approaches. I was given space to explore and experiment with new concepts and strategies for the organization's marketing and sales process. I learnt to apply business process to a dynamic field such as the arts. There was a steep increase in my learning curve. I as an individual grew notches up along with the organization. My perception and approach to work changed. I learnt to strike a balance between originality, quality and synergy of output in a fulfilling environment. Fooniferse is a wonderful platform for thinkers … especially for people who are looking at something off tangent and different in work; A beautiful journey that I can always continue from anywhere in the world at anytime as I desire. This has been my escapade with Fooniferse. - Shradha Ramesh

I am very blessed to get a mentor like Srivi ma’am. She has influenced and guided, bringing out the best in me. I am very lucky to get to know her as a person. Through this experience I have learned a lot and it has shifted my perspective on how to go forth in life. -  Sreelekha Sureshkumar