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Our Story

We place arts and goodness in the centre and build:

  • A platform for social change through arts, design, media, education and self-reflection
  • An alternative space to explore and problem-solve
  • A movement where arts form the environment and inspiration

We are an arts, education and creative space that challenges, celebrates and questions everyday life through art and media products, workshops and creative programs. We use visual arts, sound, movement, theatre and design to create our varied range of products and services. We started with a simple idea - “Creative self-expression is a fundamental need.” It has evolved into several key areas of thought and work in the last couple of years. We have raised issues, inspired people to create art, encouraged thinking in the arts and questioned pre-conceived notions about the arts.

Our Work

Since our inception in November 2009, we have worked in Chennai, Pondicherry, Bangalore, Delhi, Singapore, Bali and the US conducting workshops, participating in conferences, building partnerships, collaborating with artists and creating new artistic work.

We have worked in schools, colleges, universities, corporate houses, people’s homes, art galleries, studios, and of course under trees, near rivers, on mountains and by the sea.

We have created art experiences and opened the space for thinking and learning through the arts. Our conversations with people have helped us travel to galaxies deep within while creating new partnerships, friendships and arts across the world.

Our work is divided into four initiatives that enable a 360 degree approach to working in and through the arts: Rasa, Studio, Earth and Yaan.

Rasa forms the core essence of the work we do in the confluence of arts, education, design, and media through our programs, products and exhibitions.

Studio forms the core of the work we do in graphic design, brand identity, illustration, curriculum design and gift concepts for different clients.

The earth focus is to raise awareness about conservation through engaging workshops, educational programs, design ideas and meaningful products.

Yaan celebrates the individual in relationship with self reflection at its core.