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We look at the parent-teacher-student web and offer art, writing and interdisciplinary programs that create a space for everyone to be engaged in the essence of teaching and learning. The arts provide an important tool to understanding others, other ways of living and different cultures. In our globalised society, we would be lost without our ability to understand the richness of other lives be it human or environmental.

We offer several short term workshops and long term programs. Our areas of focus lie in

  • Creativity and Transformation - Art based program that challenge and encourage students to tackle abstract and difficult concepts through the medium of art
  • Self and Identity - Art and media based program that help children reflect and question their own identity, helping them build a strong, yet meaningful and compassionate identity that will help them contribute to the world they live in, in unique and original ways.
  • Thinking and Creative Writing -Built as an interdisciplinary program into the existing English curriculum
  • Earth and We - Arts based environment and conservation workshops that engage students in thoughtful, reflective arts, media, writing exercises, opening environment issues as well as methods for sustainable living. 
  • Teaching and Learning - Programs for School Leaders, Teachers and Parents on using art as the basis of cognition and identity, bringing together the programs that are conducted for students, helping teachers understand and build bridges between their world and the world of younger generation of students. 

If you would like to get a more detailed idea about our workshops, visit our Arts and We Catalogue section. Visit Arts and We Gallery and Journals sections to get a broad view on our work with students and teachers. We would be happy to discuss the needs of your school and plan a program that works best for your school and parent community.