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Fooniferse has different projects that are currently running. We are constantly looking for like minded people who can work with us. Write to us at fooniferse [at] 

Organize a Fooniferse Just Make Art Event at Your Place

Only when we experience art making directly, we will be able to reflect and explore the possibilities. We have conducted a few Just Make Art events in different people’s houses.  To learn more about the events view our Arts Advocacy page and gallery. If you would like to plan an event at your place, write to us and we will send you all the details.  We can come and conduct some events at your place in Chennai. For other cities, we will be happy to guide you over phone/ skype. Share photos, stories and reflections with us at the end of the event to build the movement forward.

Volunteer Your Skill Sets

Do you see a possibility of using your unique skills to help in expanding the cause of arts/ arts education with us? Or if you would like to discuss a possibility, feel free to write to us. Intern with us. We invite interested people to intern with us part time or full time.  There are plenty of opportunities for people from different backgrounds with an interest in the arts. You can work with a select project building it forward, or dabble with different projects and create a work plan for yourself. 

Invite Us For a Workshop

Take a look through our workshop portfolio and get back to us if a particular workshop or workshop series interests you. If you want to custom designed workshop in the arts, we would be happy to have a discussion. 


If you like the work we do and would like to collaborate on a project, write to us. We look forward to interesting collaborations with people from different fields. 

Give us Feedback

If you have been part of our workshops or programs or have had the chance to engage with us through any of our initiatives, do share your feedback with us. It will help us understand your needs better and guide us in our research and development. Also, it would be real joy to know what you felt, thought and experienced during a session with us. Use the Feedback form to reach us.

Share Your Thoughts and Experiences 

The Contribute section is for those of you looking for a deeper engagement with arts, arts education, media education, teaching through arts and media, design thinking for the environment, bridging the arts and sciences or other interconnected areas.

We offer a space for thinkers and practitioners alike to engage in dialogue and healthy debate about experiences and issues in these areas. We hope these conversations will help individuals build a richer approach to their own work and will also help in finding supportive communities. 

  • Raise a question
  • Share an experience
  • Share a project
  • Share a reflection
  • Discuss an issue

We want to hear your thoughts! Your articles and reflections will be featured on the site under our 'Voices' Section! We will be posting one new conversation every month. 

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