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Yaan celebrates the individual in relationship. The Tamil word 'Yaan' reflects the inner core of the individual in resonance with everything around it.

At Fooniferse, Yaan seeks to awaken the core of the self in you, moving beyond the outer realm of individual self-interest ‘I’ into the inner realm of the ‘YAAN’. 

Our programs are different and unique for each individual as well as each community. We work with YOU.

If you are someone looking for a thoughtful engagement with the arts, we would be interested in working with you.

While we offer a range of programs and services, our key word is quality. We like to engage with people creating powerful and intense programs that can impact both the community and the individual. We work across diverse audiences and clients. We believe in quality and work with people who want to transform the spirit of their community and touch the soul of art within themselves.

There are different ways in which you can choose to work with us.

Whether you are looking for a personal exploration in the arts, or programs for your teachers, students, family, employees, at fooniferse you will find innovative and meaningful choices.

You could also choose to work with our design team, or explore our products.

Each one of us is constantly recreating our identities, exploring the limits of our self, and building new cultures and communities around ourselves. In this exciting space of change and transformation, the arts give you an edge by making your voice stronger, the dimensions of your interactions varied, your perceptions deeper and your expression vivid and passionate.

We believe ‘YOU’ are the centre.