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There is a hunger for original design in every field. We offer cutting edge design that blends aesthetic sensibility with emotional strength and individuality. Weaving the arts into design, we bring a unique hand made quality to our work. Design is integral to living today, but what is mindful design? How can we ask critical questions about what we need and how much? Rather than what to design, we ask ourselves, when to design? 

A great majority of our design work is related to social issues and is for organizations that work with environment, health, education, critical thinking and gender issues. In a culture of visual bombardment through so many diverse medias, one of the greatest challenges lie in asking the harder questions about design, whether it is a product or a service - Do we really need it? What is its ecological footprint? What is its emotional footprint? How will it affect cultures, intelligences and thought patterns? How will it affect our invidual and collective consciousness?  

We work at the confluence of design, education and individuality. That brings us to even more interesting frames, consciousness, compassion and self-reflection. Using the reflective nature of arts, and within the context of artist as activist, we see design as a powerful tool to transform human thinking in the smallest and simplest ways that matter.  With artists and designers who bring exceptional skills in painting, illustration and graphic work, our work is richly textured and unique. We work with performing artists and writers who bring a whole new dimension to our design, thinking and artistic processes.

We enjoy working with deep thinkers who are looking to solve critical problems around them using the power of design as one of their tools. Shoot us a mail if that sounds like your organization or you!