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Arts & We

We offer a series of art education programs through workshops; innovative and interdisciplinary programs for schools, organizations, corporates, parents and all other institutions. We also offer visual arts curriculum, teacher training and support for schools.

We work with art as the basis of life and art as the basis of education. Our programs bring together visual art, music, dance, movement and theatre exercises together with the strength of storytelling. They are designed to enhance communication skills along with nurturing every individual’s unique creative potential. Apart from a range of thematic workshops, we customize workshops for specific needs. 

Using the authenticity of art to thrill, excite, and transform all the senses, thinking and perception, our programs and workshops challenge you to discover your hidden creative potential and find more meaning in the mundaneness of everyday life.

"Arts and We" is our most exciting frame. The excitement comes from the energies, creativity, conversations and intelligences that each one of our participants bring to the program. At so many points during a program, someone's idea will change our perspective, challenge our thinking and lead to expanding and enriching the program. 

 We aim to create deep change in five core areas: Communication, Creativity, Team- Building, Leadership and Self-Development. Through the arts, we create programs that affect and impact people in holistic ways around: 

Thinking – Critical, Rational, Lateral, Imaginative, Creative, Global

Joy – Emotional and Physical health, Ability to laugh, enjoy and cherish life

Goodness – Valuing Life, Compassion, Empathy

Relationship – With Self, With Others, With Environment

Leadership – All-round Development, Capacity to Nurture Talent, Be with Oneself, Work in Teams

Expression - Communication, Ability to be honest to oneself, Thoughtful, Reflective, Eco-friendly, Creative

If you have a vision for deeper engagement with arts and life, our programs could be a good fit. Look through our gallery, check out our program catalogue. If you are curious, inspired and want to have a chat, contact us for specific details.