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Arts Advocacy

The importance and need for the arts have been undermined in every segment of society, often relegating them to the status of a ‘hobby’, that is fun, but not really a serious career option or even a necessity. Even, those who choose careers in the arts struggle to meet their basic needs, while creating quality work. Others, who have been artists in their childhood, give up on their art practice with the swallowing pressures of adult life. Over time, we have created an environment where the arts have little or no space to flourish.

We have been creating art for 40,000 years. When and how did we as a race stop viewing arts as essential to our wholesome beingness? How can we re-learn the critical need for arts in our lives and then probe further to understand the creative and reflective nature that the arts gift us? Is there a possibility to use these learnings to evolve more meaningful economic structures for the arts. As artists struggle for patronage and well-paid jobs, we lose the true potential of their work and very often, we even lose rich perspectives from artists who have tired of running the rat race to get grants and patrons. 

When we start shifting the conversation around the relevance and importance of arts to society, it will also redress the balance in the economic lens under which the arts suffer currently. 

Through diverse media, personalized events, festivals, documentation and participation in conferences, we create more dialogue and discussion about the arts. Through adding Arts advocacy to our platform, we hope to

  • Raise Awareness about the nature, role and impact of arts on individuals and societies
  • Build conversations around patronage, economic disparities, stress and tensions that arise around these issues
  • Contemplate and find positive and generative solutions to issues. 
  • Engage individuals in rediscovering art for themselves, engage with artists and explore artistic processes
  • Bridge the gaps between arts and other disciplinary streams
  • Provide artists with support through community building, knowledge sharing, and thoughtful approach to using language in the arts for communication, marketing, reflection and expression.

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