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Rasa, the essence or juice, is about experiencing the creative process, while sharing it with others. It is the act of resonating with one’s deep core of creativity, irrespective of age, profession, religious background or other divisive lines. At Fooniferse, we see the arts as the essence of life while creating space for deep understanding within and across disciplines.

Rasa defines our work with different partners blending artistic practice with insightful exploration into our cognitive, aesthetic and spiritual selves

  • Innovative and interdisciplinary art education programs and workshops for schools and colleges.
  •  Development, production and marketing of products on a range of themes - Books, Interactive design kits, games and other materials.
  • Research and documentation of artistic practice, teaching and learning in and through the arts 
  • Arts Advocacy.
  • Curating exhibition experiences to build aesthetically aware audiences

The arts provide us with different viewpoints. They offer us ways to rethink, shift perspective, reflect, and engage with complex problems in aesthetic as well as meaningful ways. They challenge, teach and nurture our thinking, helping us evolve in several dimensions.

Ours is a 360 degree approach. We work through the following five frames.