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Srivi Lives Here

Srivi Lives Here

Srivi Kalyan’s love for the arts and education began as a toddler. She enjoyed scribbling, listening to the story of Bondoo Monkey who painted and considered himself an artist, and taught her dolls everything that she was learning. Srivi is the Founder-Director of Fooniferse Arts Pvt.Ltd, an India based company that enables a 360 degree approach to working in the arts through a confluence of arts, education, media, design and self-reflection.

Srivi has been drawn to the critical social and personal issues of our times and believes that as a culture, we need to work towards creating self-reflective, thoughtful and compassionate individuals who will choose to create similar communities, work ethics, and ways of life. Also deeply inspired by nature, she constantly stresses on the importance, love and connection one must build with the environment. All her work in their various dimensions evolve from a single question, “How do we celebrate the immensity of life that surrounds us, engulfs us and dissolves us in a throbbing silence?”

Through the Sriviliveshere website, she hopes to create a space where she can interact and engage with people interested in discovering and spreading compassion through the arts.