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The SarasKalyan Project

A project to recognize, celebrate and support parents who have nurtured the human spirit through their children!

We hope this project will eventually grow into a philanthropic organization that can nurture parents and recognize the incredible wisdom they share with each new life they bring into the world.

Deeply awed and inspired by our parents, Saraswathi and Kalyanasundaram over the years, Sandhiya and I felt it was important to envision a sanctuary which would hold the immense love, creativity, beauty and respect that they bring forth in teaching children. And in creating this project, we hope that it will benefit many parents, children and others who have not been so fortunate to have a safe and happy home.

We are deeply indebted to our parents and want to honor both of them while honoring others who have brought such immense goodness into this world.

As my work in the field of education deepens, I have come to appreciate and realize the importance of the style of parenting that we had at home. And the incredible nature of teaching that happened at so many interdisciplinary levels. I find that there is a great need for such teaching and learning to happen across the world.

Srivi Kalyan

  • Through this project we will currently be
  • Bringing out materials on Parenting
  • Sharing stories of Parenting

How can you contribute to the Saraskalyan Project?

  • Share a story of your parents that you think had a deep impact on your life.
  • If you are a parent, share a moment of learning/ teaching that you felt was special.

Reach us at fooniferse (at)