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Art Indea Project

Art Indea project has grown from a sense of respect and fondness that we have for the Indian arts. The four layers of that form the core of the project are – Understanding, researching into, recreating, and creating awareness about the Indian arts. As artists and learners, we have been profoundly impacted by the beauty, intensity and depth of the arts in India and we hope to create a culture of appreciation for the arts as well as an integration of these beautiful arts into the everyday lives of people

India is a seat of cultural diversity. The multiple identity of this sub continent is expressed both in the social and cultural realm. These are however unified by people and their living tradition. Art in India is part and parcel of the day today life especially in its traditional and folk form. Some of these are popular and thriving to this day while many are fading away into oblivion.

There is a wealth of knowledge in the art forms of India be it visual, or the performing arts. Art becomes not only a mere medium of expression but a deliberate and important carrier of information and knowledge of traditions. The unique culture of India is deeply embedded in its art forms be it folk or classical.

The various art forms of India not only are a rich source of information on their own but also prove to be a great medium for dissemination of information and knowledge due to their rich symbolism and strong narrative structures. There is not only a lot to learn about Indian art but also learn a lot many other things through Art in India.

We seek to promote Indian art among children through workshops, teacher training and through integrating it into the school curriculum. In the modern days, we are far removed from our heritage of art and culture. Children have little or no access to good information about Indian arts.

How can you work with us?

You can call us for workshops and teacher training programs.

Reach us at fooniferse (at)