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Srivi Lives Here

Srivi Kalyan’s love for the arts and education began as a toddler. She enjoyed scribbling, listening to the story of Bondoo Monkey who painted and considered himself an artist, and taught her dolls everything that she was learning. Srivi is the Founder-Director of Fooniferse Arts Pvt.Ltd, an India based company that enables a 360 degree approach to working in the arts through a confluence of arts, education, media, design and self-reflection.

Through the Sriviliveshere website, she hopes to create a space where she can interact and engage with people interested in discovering and spreading compassion through the arts. 

The Saraskalyan project

A project to recognize, celebrate and support parents who have nurtured the human spirit through their children.

We hope this project will eventually grow into a philanthropic organization that can nurture parents and recognize the incredible wisdom they share with each new life they bring into the world.



Recover Rebuild Restore is an intiative started to provide resources on emotional support for all those affected by the TamilNadu Floods, 2015. Using a three pronged approach - we provide information of psycho-social care, PTSD and depression along with stories of courage and hope, information on environmental issues and information on arts-based therapy and workshops. Those interested to contribute can write to us at fooniferse[at]

Art Indea Project

Art India project has grown from a sense of respect and fondness that we have for the Indian arts. The four layers of that form the core of the project are – Understanding, researching into, recreating, and creating awareness about the Indian arts. As artists and learners, we have been profoundly impacted by the beauty, intensity and depth of the arts in India and we hope to create a culture of appreciation for the arts as well as an integration of these beautiful arts into the everyday lives of people

Library and Offcentre

At Fooniferse, we take pride in building a unique collection of resources and books for research, reference, joy reading, exploration and thoughtful learning. With an eclectic collection of over 3000 books ranging from children's picture books to art history, gender studies, wildlife, philosophy and fiction, we offer a space for reference that those interested can come and use.