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Posting Guidelines

Fooniferse works across children, young adults and adults. While the current site is primarily relevant to young adults and adults, we ask you to respect and be aware of the range of people from different age groups who will be using this site.

  • Be thoughtful about your usage of language.
  • When you have critical feedback, choose to respond with generative questions that can engage us in thoughtful discussion.
  • Be respectful.
  • We are keen to build a culture of empathy, compassion and deep reflection. Please consider your comments through these lenses before posting them.
  • If you disagree, be both polite and intelligent!

Feedback and Contact forms

  • Please mention the subject clearly
  • Be thoughtful about your feedback and purpose
  • If you have a question, do look through our FAQ section before sending us a mail. We will be happy to answer questions that are not covered in our FAQ’s.

Submissions for articles, stories, essays for the Contribute and Interact sections

  • Please mention the subject clearly
  • When you propose a conversation, we will send you a set of specific writing guidelines.
  • Your conversation may or may not be accepted. Give us between a week to two weeks to respond.
  • Any editorial decisions will be proposed to you first and changes to your piece will be made only in agreement with you.
  • We look for well researched/ experiential thoughtful submissions. We seek to set a high standard for all material that will be published on this site.
  • We are open to different styles of writing ranging from humorous to satirical to academic.
  • If you want to post images, you must hold the copyright for the same.
  • At this point, we are not in a position to pay. However, we hope this will change in the near future.

Fooniferse Team