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The Worlds within Words Exhibition

Books of 25 young authors and illustrators were on exhibition at the Grove School, C.P. Arts Centre. With parents, friends, and other students visiting, the wealth of student writing, imagination and creative exploration were greatly appreciated and marveled. With Eminent artist and educator Mr. A.V.Ilango, presiding as Chief Guest, this unique exhibition which focuses on the work of children encouraged parents and others to see the incredible cognitive and creative abilities that children have and suggested ways in which they could take them forward in the home/ school environment. 

Srivi's interview by Shuhua Dai

Shuhua Dai, a Chinese author contacted Srivi around December 2012 for an interview on her illustration and art work. The Asian volume of the ebook "Forest of Illustrations" has been released (Published 2013). It includes 12 artists from Japan, Vietnam, India, Turkey, Iran, and Lebanon. Here is the link for Chinese readers.

Here's what Srivi had to say about Fooniferse

Do you have big project on hands now, or do you have a big plan? 


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