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Re-Imagining Relationships Around the World

Srivi Google Hangout AIE Conference

A group of artists and Arts educators, alumni of the Arts in Education program at HGSE get together on Google Hangout for the Re- imagining Relationships Conference from around the world.  Get the international perspective in this high tech conversation with arts educators from around the world. In a panel representing the Pacific Northwest of the USA, Singapore, India, and other locations around the world, arts educators will share how they have re-imagined relationships in their communities and across communities. Panelists join us from their home locations to compare practice and share stories from the field. 

How do we take art beyond creativity into humanity? What is human in the Humanities? How does technology help in re-imagining relationships? What does it mean to work with different cultures?, How do we transform ourselves into better beings using art? How can re-imagine relationships across diverse communities? and more such amazing questions and thoughts challenge us to delve deeper into our practice as artists and art educators.
Srivi, our founder and director was part of the panel sharing her perspectives about arts education work in India. Check out the conversation recording at