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Katha Utsav - The Faraway Tree Workshop from 27-30 Dec, Delhi

The Katha Utsav, A Katha-CBSE iniative and national level workshop for CBSE students from across India to meet and hone their writing skills was a powerful experience for everyone involved. Held at Sanskriti School, Delhi from 27 - 30th December, 2013, the workshop brought together about 300 students, 12 incredible resource people, several stalwarts from the field of publishing.

Geeta Dharmarajan's incredible vision and energy reverberated through the atmosphere inspiring all of us to create with greater sensitivity. 

Srivi's workshop "The Faraway Tree" focused on bringing Nature into writing and the many ways in which one can sensitise oneself to nature. 22 students worked with Srivi for 3 days in an intensive workshop coming up with several short pieces of writing and a final story each.


Sketching from nature, writing notes, discovering nature through body movement, listening to nature writers, exploring nature writing in different genres, watching wildlife filmmaker Shekar Dattatri's films, writing stories, poems, creating art, discussions, questions... a wondrous journey together. 

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