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Book Launch - coming home to eARTh: Space, Line, Form

Book Launch _ Srivi and A.V.Ilango


An elegant book launch organised by Sublime Galleria at the Leela Palace on 23rd August. - coming home to eARTh: Space, Line, Form. After over 3 years of work, the book is finally out there! -Watch the event on youtube

We are grateful to all those who have supported us on this incredible journey. 


"While art is widely understood as a form of creative expression and communication, in much of traditional Eastern thought it is also seen as a mode of transcendental experience. Through this book, we invite readers to not only engage with the expressive nature of the arts, but also become aware of its transcendental nature and to see it as a path towards deep reflection, as yoga. To this end the book looks at four critical areas of thinking: Artistic Inquiry. Ecological Consciousness. Finding our True Centre. Creative Practice


Artistic practice and philosophy form an essential whole. Each artist arrives at his or her own philosophical state of being through their journey in art. Sometimes they are driven by the richness of art, at other times by the textures of philosophy. Reflecting at the juncture of philosophy and artistic practice within the frames of our modern context is challenging. In this book, we offer a framework that blends both and sets a base for artistic inquiry into life and self."