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Arts in Education: Possibilities and Perceptions - Workshop for students of Dakshin Chitra

Lovely Workshop on "Arts in Education: Possibilities and Perceptions" with students of the Arts Management program at DakshinChitra organized by Nalandaway. Amazing group of people, deep conversations, hard questions, thoughtful wondering! 

In a short two hour workshop, Srivi, took students through a thoughtful and deliberate questioning about what the essence of arts are, what is the Indian context, historic, religious, traditional and contemporary, the essence of art education in nature and much more. 

Some questions to ponder

  • How do you understand the idea of “Arts in Education?”
  • What draws you to the arts?
  • What questions bother you most about the arts? And about arts in education?
  • What are some of the best things/ worst things you remember about your art classes, art teachers, and your own art work?
  • Are you drawn to teaching or management of arts classrooms?
  • What bothers you most about the state of Arts education in India?

January 9