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January 2014

Art and happiness... in Hindu Metroplus


Healing Strokes - Article by Geeta Padmanabhan features Srivi's thoughts on art, healing, depression, happiness and much more.

“It is possible to touch deeper states of being through art, of restfulness, peace and anandha (bliss),” says Srivi Kalyan... "Healing happens only when we let art move through us, taking the grief, molding it, giving it form, then dissolving it. “I would call it compassionate practice of art.” It teaches us how to find happiness, both in creation and observation."

Arts in Education: Possibilities and Perceptions - Workshop for students of Dakshin Chitra

Lovely Workshop on "Arts in Education: Possibilities and Perceptions" with students of the Arts Management program at DakshinChitra organized by Nalandaway. Amazing group of people, deep conversations, hard questions, thoughtful wondering! 

In a short two hour workshop, Srivi, took students through a thoughtful and deliberate questioning about what the essence of arts are, what is the Indian context, historic, religious, traditional and contemporary, the essence of art education in nature and much more. 

Some questions to ponder

Sadhana Forest 10th Birthday Celebrations

Sadhana forest 10th birthday celebrations -what a beautiful and powerful way to start the new year along with some of my most favorite people in the world. And after planning for a long time, finally painted as Bindhu and Vedanth sang. So much goodness, such joy and bliss. As the quote at Sadhana said " May there be many more forests to grow people."