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Programs for Children

Our children are the future and must have the knowledge and power required to understand what is happening to the environment that is their inheritance. And in order to nurture environmentally conscious citizens, we believe schools, individuals, parents and children must form a partnership and must be aware of the urgency with which we all need to act.

Through an active integration of teaching and learning in the classroom and home with thoughtful media including films, books, web portals, field visits and engaging conversationson nature and environmental issues, children can reach out and connect to nature in myriad ways becoming conscious of their role in protecting the environment. 


Programs for Adults

We believe we love our children, but unless we protect their earth and its biodiversity, we are leaving a poorer planet for them. How do we engage ourselves and our children in environmentally conscious living? 

We offer workshops and creative training that can guide parents, teachers and others to form a closer connect with nature and find their own voices and directions to working with environment and conservation.