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Teaching Through Art and Media

Arts and media create powerful engaging experiences and deepen learning about the environment when used thoughtfully in classrooms or workshops. Arts help in building a stronger connect with nature by deepening observation skills, perception, empathy and a sense of ownership. Media in the form of books, good documentary films, games and websites, can give students a chance to build their knowledge, expand their understanding and explore issues and questions. Using Arts and Media we look at a six point program around environment and conservation. While the task is immense, this is a working guideline for us.

  • Building Awareness
  • Expanding Empathy
  • Finding Voice
  • Challenging Lifestyle
  • Transforming Consciousness
  • Translating Sustainability

If children do not understand, respect or value nature, they will not be able to protect it. Our responsibility as adults lie in creating the right environment in which the child’s learning about the environment can take place.

To watch our environment program at Kids Central School, Chennai, watch Connecting with Nature- Connecting with Ourselves

To learn more, read, Srivi's article Art Education for Conservation Consciousness