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Rethink Design

What is most powerful about nature is that there is no such thing as waste. Everything that one species discards, another uses. The recycling system in nature evolved through billions of years is miraculous. However, with our limited design sensibilities and focus on human convenience, we have created packaging materials, objects, toys, clothes that cannot be recycled, that destroy habitats, kill other species. Yet, we choose to live in our mindless way, blind to the kind of large scale destruction we cause to the environment. Strangely, we as a species behave as if we are the only ones inhabiting this planet!

How can we rethink our concepts of living, success and convenience with ecological intelligence?
How can we transform our own consciousness and hence our lifestyles?
What does designing holistic eco-friendly product involve?
What will this mean for designers as well as clients?

These are our core questions, around which we look forward to building dialogue and envisage a reflective community of designers who are committed, aware and working in tandem with conservationists and industries.

As designers, we create the link between users and the products and if we do not set ecological standards, we will be personally responsible for the loss of biodiversity, increasing landfill, toxicity in land and water. And these are just a few of the many issues we are almost directly responsible for. Rethinking Design is no more an option, it is an urgent need! We invite you to join us and engage with design as a critical force for environmental protection.