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Our success as individuals is irrelevant and absolutely useless if we are not mindful of all life forms and nature. We share the earth, we do not own it!

It is incredibly exciting to think of the possibilities of good work through an environmental lens. Upcycling, Tree planting, Eco-architecture, Organic farming... the list is endless! What fantastic imagination, research, exploration and innovation this direction can lead humanity into! Let's join in re-imagining our world!

With a special focus on Earth, at Fooniferse, we strive to deepen engagement with the environment through arts, design and media: Observing a leaf closely and drawing it, writing about a beautiful moonlit night or a felled tree, taking a walk with a sense of awareness of sharing the throbbing energies of the earth, discovering a passionate voice for sharing one’s thoughts on the environment. Today, it is critical that we build ecological intelligence and sustainable living, if we want to leave a better planet for our children.

We envision programs and products that are holistic and interdisciplinary, weaving critical questions and core messages surrounding environmental issues to encourage people to move from a passive sense of confusion and worry to an active stance of contribution and change.

Through engaging in mindful design and building a resource base for other designers, we hope to change the ethics of design sensibility in more designers and students of design as well as consumers in the long run.

This is a nascent project for us and we look forward to collaborating, sharing ideas, learning best practices, and working in tandem with others who feel strongly about environmental issues.