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Quirky, casual, thoughtful and fun – that’s the idea of the Fooniferse Resource Centre. And what do we do when we don’t really have a centre, we decided to go off-centre, after all we are an alternative Universe. So welcome to the tiny room that is bursting with ideas, work and innovation; that has an eclectic collection of books, musical instruments, toys, art materials, movies, music and green teas!

This we hope is only a start for what will become a model space for creativity, deep reflection, arts, social change and self-reflection; An experimental place that can inspire, be adapted and built further by others interested in using our model.

We will be holding periodic sessions at the Off-Centre. Meanwhile you are welcome to just set a mutually convenient time and walk in to have a good conversation and browse through our collections!

Contact us, if you are interested in a visit.