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Chamelion on home page (upside down)Sometimes we need a place to just be ourselves, a completely different universe from the ones we know. Often that universe is deep within ourselves that we can’t find it. At other times it is woven intricately with all that is around us that we cannot fathom it fully. Then, it seems that the only way to get there is to Change the Viewpoint! 

Fooniferse Arts is a hub for people from diverse fields to collaborate radically, redefine and act on innovative solutions for some of the social and ecological issues of our times using the unique lens that the arts provide. Our vision is to create a culture of creative imagination, problem-solving and goodness through artistic play.

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Provoking Thought  .  Providing Framework  .  Offering Solutions  .  Innovating  .  Practicing

Experience a 360 degree view  .  Take a walk with us… Think through the arts!

Rasa forms the core essence of the work we do at the confluence of arts, education, design and media through our programs, products and exhibitions.


Studio is our exciting world of graphic design, brand identity, illustration, curriculum design and gift concepts for different clients



The earth focus is to raise awareness about conservation through engaging workshops, educational programs, design ideas and meaningful products.


We offer a 360 degree approach to working in the arts. Each of you can find a connecting point through our various programs and initiatives



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