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Srivi's interview by Shuhua Dai

Shuhua Dai, a Chinese author contacted Srivi around December 2012 for an interview on her illustration and art work. The Asian volume of the ebook "Forest of Illustrations" has been released (Published 2013). It includes 12 artists from Japan, Vietnam, India, Turkey, Iran, and Lebanon. Here is the link for Chinese readers.

Here's what Srivi had to say about Fooniferse

Do you have big project on hands now, or do you have a big plan? 

Building up ‘Fooniferse’ as an international arts and cultural organization is one of my dreams for now. I am working slowly on it. In the midst of sustaining myself and evolving projects that are meaningful, sincere and have depth and quality, it feels like a slow and long journey. I am enjoying myself at the moment wondering, dreaming, planning and creating small projects towards my larger goals. You can visit to get a better understanding of the depth and scale of the project. As an entrepreneur, I am learning a lot of different things from planning and accounting to marketing and management. It is a new experience and as difficult as it is fulfilling. 

To read the entire interview visit Sriviliveshere.