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How to talk about art? Panel Discussion

Chandra Ilango Foundation Panel Discussion

In an interesting session organized by the Chandra Ilango Art Foundation that brought four eminent, talented people who share diverse experiences in the field of arts,

students, emerging artists and established artists interacted together to talk about best ways of promoting themselves, learning to talk about their work, define their philosophy, understand the context in which their work is displayed, improving language and communication skills, finding understanding patrons. Mr. A.V.Ilango, artistic director of Ilango's Artspace, eminent artist and educator, Padma Rao, Director of ArtsConnect UK, Shylaja Chetlur, Promoter of Art and Soul Gallery, Chennai and Srivi Kalya, Founder-Director of Fooniferse Arts discussed various issues and ideas, and in an informal and relaxed atmosphere invited perspectives from everyone.

The conversations tackled many of the issues within the field, the challenges faced by artists who are trained in their native languages and the complexity of navigating the modern art market. The speakers and audience also debated upon how the artist needed to retain the purity of their art, even as they needed to navigate through the marketing of their own work. Building support networks, using media, web and other platforms to make their work visible and engaging in direct conversations with patrons and buyers were other ideas discussed. An amazing three hour session that opened everyone to the multiple issues, solutions, possibilities and needs that each artist has to spend time understanding.